As a Louis Brier resident, you’ll enjoy three meals served daily in one of two dining rooms, as well as a variety of snacks and beverages. Our balanced and nutritious meals are prepared fresh in our Kosher Check-supervised kitchens in accordance with the laws of kashruth (Jewish dietary laws) and follow a six-week menu designed by a registered dietician.

Special meals are prepared for holidays, theme days and summer barbeques, and guests are always welcome to join us for a meal (see “Guests” below).

Dining at the Louis Brier Home & Hospital varies from area to area. Table service is provided in the Intermediate Care dining room, with a choice of earlier or later seating.

Extended Care has a dining room for residents who can manage a meal independently; a restorative dining room program for those who can eat independently but need some guidance; and a bistro for those needing assistance from family and/or companions. Complete assistance can be provided at the nursing station by Louis Brier staff if needed. A dietitian assesses each resident upon admission to Extended Care to determine their dining needs.


Meals are a social time to connect with others, and we welcome friends and family members to join you at mealtime. Visitors may choose to purchase a meal ticket from the receptionist (current meal prices vary from $7.50 to $12.00), or to simply visit without eating. All guests may enjoy coffee or tea service, but food items are not available for purchase on an à la carte basis.

To arrange a guest meal, please contact our Food Services department in advance so that we can arrange for appropriate seating. Please note that it may not be possible to accommodate parties of more than three guests per resident.
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