The residents, staff and Board of Directors of Louis Brier wish you and your family a happy, peaceful, and healthy New Year. Let’s continue to take good care of ourselves and help each other stay safe during this time. Shana Tovah!


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Resident Video: Episode 7 – Honouring a Special Group of LBHH Residents

Those between the ages of 90 and 109

A Message from our Chaplain

Shabbat Hazon


The Shabbat prior to Tisha B’av is called “Shabbat Hazon” in Judaism, because the haftarah portion (from the Prophets in the Bible) begins with “Hazon Yishiyahu”, the Vision of Isaiah. For those who read the haftarah publicly, it is the most difficult one of the year – not because the words are hard, or because it is particularly long, but rather because it requires transitioning from one melody to another at least three times. The transitions signify the passage from the deep anguish of the destruction of the Temple to the positive messages of hope for the future.

It is often easier to accept a painful situation and habituate ourselves to it, learn how to live with it, and adapt to it rather than transition to a new state of being. Change is difficult because it forces us to confront the unknown with only the promise of a brighter day. Yet, that is what we face today. Here at Louis Brier we have learned how to deal with the coronavirus. It has not been easy, but we know what to do. Now, we must change once again and transition to a new way of doing things that promises to improve the quality of life of all of our residents and families. The transition won’t be easy, but like learning a new melody, it will give us a fresh song we can sing together. Let’s learn this new song and sing out in harmony!

Shabbat shalom

Chaplain Rob Menes

Louis Brier Home & Hospital

Public Long-Term Care in Vancouver

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Oakridge area, you will find exceptional care in a warm, cozy and inviting place called the Louis Brier Home and Hospital. And we never lose sight of the fact that this is your home.

Long-term care in Vancouver: the choice is yours at Louis Brier

Experience the comfort, safety and resident-centred care of the Louis Brier Home & Hospital, in the heart of Vancouver’s Oakridge Area.

A public long-term care facility serving Vancouver’s Jewish community and funded by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, the Louis Brier Home & Hospital offers three levels of residency: extended care, intermediate care and specific support for residents with dementia and other special care needs.

We provide an exceptionally high level of care at Louis Brier, and we never lose sight of the fact that this is your home. You’ll always find support in a warm, cozy and inviting space where you choose how you spend each day, within the boundaries of your personal safety and comfort.

Welcome home to the Louis Brier Home & Hospital.


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