COVID-19 Vaccination Day – January 3, 2021

Residents Ron Wolfson and Mirsad Dragic are the first two residents to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine at Louis Brier Home and Hospital.

A special THANK YOU from Ron and Mirsad goes out to the Louis Brier staff member, companion, and the Nike Store at McArthur Glen for not only arranging pickup and delivery, but also sanitizing their “Just Do It” shirts for the big day!

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Attention: No Visitors
Mandatory Self Screening

Resident Video: Episode 7 – Honouring a Special Group of LBHH Residents

Those between the ages of 90 and 109

A Message from our Chaplain


We remember Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. We also mourn the loss of one of the great rabbis of our time, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, z”l:

“Empathy, sympathy, knowledge and rationality are usually enough to let us live at peace with others. But not in hard times. Serbs, Croats and Muslims lived peaceably together in Bosnia for years. So did Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda. The problem arises at times of change
and disruption when people are anxious and afraid. That is why exceptional defences are necessary, which is why the Torah speaks of memory and history – things that go to the very heart of our identity. We have to remember that we were once on the other side
of the equation. We were once strangers: the oppressed, the victims. Remembering the Jewish past forces us to undergo role reversal. In the midst of freedom we have to remind ourselves of what it feels like to be a slave.” – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z”l

Chaplain Rob Menes

Louis Brier Home & Hospital

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Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Oakridge area, you will find exceptional care in a warm, cozy and inviting place called the Louis Brier Home and Hospital. And we never lose sight of the fact that this is your home.

Long-term care in Vancouver: the choice is yours at Louis Brier

Experience the comfort, safety and resident-centred care of the Louis Brier Home & Hospital, in the heart of Vancouver’s Oakridge Area.

A public long-term care facility serving Vancouver’s Jewish community and funded by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, the Louis Brier Home & Hospital offers three levels of residency: extended care, intermediate care and specific support for residents with dementia and other special care needs.

We provide an exceptionally high level of care at Louis Brier, and we never lose sight of the fact that this is your home. You’ll always find support in a warm, cozy and inviting space where you choose how you spend each day, within the boundaries of your personal safety and comfort.

Welcome home to the Louis Brier Home & Hospital.


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