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A Message from our Chaplain

Resting in the Marathon

The restrictions that have been put in place at the Snider Campus will, we hope, keep us safe from the coronoavirus. Unfortunately, there is no absolute timeline for our concern. What we do know is that this is more like running a marathon than a sprint; we need to prepare for the long journey. In some ways, it is very much like wandering in the desert.

How do you rest in the midst of running a marathon? When you get weary, exhausted, and start of lose focus? You slow down and change your pace. You replenish your fluids and reconsider the broader picture. You check your health and remember the inspiration that started you on your journey. You create a small oasis in time to rejuvenate. And that is what Shabbat can be for us. Shabbat is a day which is different, in which you consider loftier thoughts and a grander purpose. Shabbat can be our rest within the marathon.

“The Jewish contribution to the idea of love is the conception of love of the Sabbath, the love of a day, of spirit in the form of time.” – Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath

Shabbat shalom,
Chaplain Rob Menes

Louis Brier Home & Hospital

Public Long-Term Care in Vancouver

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Oakridge area, you will find exceptional care in a warm, cozy and inviting place called the Louis Brier Home and Hospital. And we never lose sight of the fact that this is your home.

Long-term care in Vancouver: the choice is yours at Louis Brier

Experience the comfort, safety and resident-centred care of the Louis Brier Home & Hospital, in the heart of Vancouver’s Oakridge Area.

A public long-term care facility serving Vancouver’s Jewish community and funded by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, the Louis Brier Home & Hospital offers three levels of residency: extended care, intermediate care and specific support for residents with dementia and other special care needs.

We provide an exceptionally high level of care at Louis Brier, and we never lose sight of the fact that this is your home. You’ll always find support in a warm, cozy and inviting space where you choose how you spend each day, within the boundaries of your personal safety and comfort.

Welcome home to the Louis Brier Home & Hospital.


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