Health Career Access Program (HCAP)

In September 2020, the Ministry of Health (MoH) announced the Health Career Access Program (HCAP) as a new pathway for future Health Care Assistants (HCAs) to receive training and education as an HCA while working as a Health Care Support Worker (HCSW). This initiative supports the increased need for additional staff in long-term care and assisted living sites.

We are pleased to announce that the Ministry of Health has provided LBHH&WR with an allocation of 22 Health Care Support Workers (HCSW) through the brand-new Health Careers Access Program (HCAP).

HCSW’s are supervised by registered nurses or other regulated health care professionals. They provide a variety of critical non-clinical, non-direct care supports to patients and residents:

  • Participating as an integral member of a healthcare delivery team
  • Establishing a caring relationship with clients, residents, and families
  • Providing support and assistance with mealtime activities
  • Providing support and assistance in carrying out activities

Qualified applicants are invited to apply for health care support worker positions with employers in their preferred region or community.

For more information about HCAP, the eligibility criteria and process, visit the Ministry of Health website.

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