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We are pleased to inform you that we will begin phase two of the onsite visitation here at Louis Brier. Phase two will include one outdoor and two indoor visitation areas. This revision provides specific guidelines for supporting safe outside and indoor visits on the premises of the Louis Brier Home and Hospital.

We want to reunite you with your loved ones safely while keeping the virus at bay. This requires your cooperation and vigilance, click here to view the Visitation Update information.


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Please avoid booking a visitation during your loved ones meal time:

2nd Floor
Lunch 11:30-12:30
Dinner 4:30-5:30

1st Floor
1st Sitting- 12-1
2nd Sitting- 1-2

1st Sitting- 5-6
2nd Sitting- 6-7

Health and Safety Guidelines


  • Family/social visits will take place in one of three designated visiting areas; one outside and two inside in our main floor bistro.
  • A Visitation Assistant will greet you outside at the waiting area and complete the required screening and provide you with a mask. After you have been screened, you will be directed to the visiting location. Should a visitor fail screening due to COVID and/or related symptoms they will be denied the visit and asked to return at a time when their symptoms have completely subsided.
  • Social visits with residents are limited to ONE designated visitor (this may include a family member OR a friend) for each resident. Prior to signing up please determine who will be the designated visitor. Should you not be able to fulfill your visit, NO substitutes are allowed.
  • There will be a clearly designated waiting areas for you to stay while waiting for your visit to take place.
  • Visits must be scheduled ahead of time by signing up through the online scheduler. Each visit will be for a duration of 40 minutes (see detailed process below).
  • Visitors must stay in designated areas, you will not be permitted to use washroom facilities or enter any other area of Louis Brier.
  • Visitors are expected to wear a mask for the entire visit. Masks will be provided by LBHH.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to bring any food or drinks into the indoor visitation area. If you wish to bring your loved one food please leave it outside on the table provided. It will then be sanitized and delivered to your loved one.
  • Visitors will be required to social distance and remain at opposite ends of the table from their family member at all times during the visit. No hand holding or hugging are permitted at this time.
  • Visitors must perform hand hygiene before and after visits. Sanitizer will be provided at each visiting station.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled visit and wait in the designated waiting area. Lateness will not be accommodated.
  • With the exception of service animals, animals may not accompany a visit at this time. Please be advised that failure to comply with the guidelines may result in the discontinuation of future visits.
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