Family Council

The Family Council at Louis Brier Home and Hospital

Family Council is an independent and voluntary body comprised of family members, caregiver friends, and legal representatives of residents. Our primary focus is to advocate for the delivery of quality resident and family centered care.

Family Council is governed by an elected Executive Council guided by its Terms of Reference. It provides family members leadership opportunity in several capacities. It works in collaboration with the Louis Brier senior leadership team to review and discuss relevant opportunities to enhance the residents’ experience. Family Council meets monthly to provide updates from senior leadership, Louis Brier Home and Hospital committees, educational workshops, and works together as a solution-focussed group. We leave time at every meeting for your questions or concerns.

Family Council

  • Discusses meaningful recreation and programming;
  • Encourages participation in, and provides feedback and ideas for, various LBHH committees;
  • Elevates the volunteer and companion programs to families;
  • Constantly seeks ways to weave Jewish values and into general care and day to day interaction; and
  • Advocates for care to meet the inclusive needs of an evolving resident demographic.

It’s easy to stay up to date with family concerns and initiatives by sending an email to asking to be added to our mailing list.
We welcome all families and hope that you will take the opportunity to get involved.

We welcome all families to join the council and hope that you will take the opportunity to get involved.

On behalf of Family Council Executives

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