Enrich Your Life by Enriching the Lives of Others

Volunteering at Louis Brier Home & Hospital

At Louis Brier we provide our residents with a life that is enriched in every way. Achieving this goal would simply not be possible without the support and commitment of our volunteers who offer their expertise, skills, and companionship to enhance the quality of everyday living.

Volunteers provide innovative programs, assist with vital daily services, and serve as a link to the community. Ultimately, volunteers are available to help our residents maintain those connections that they value and cherish. Volunteers also accompany our residents to concerts, synagogues, and other organized outings. They teach classes to residents such as computer skills, arts & crafts and flower arranging, and they also assist with exercise programs, decorating for the holidays, and much more.

Be A Volunteer — We Can Always Use Your Expertise!
Be A Volunteer — We Can Always Use Your Expertise!
Volunteering at the Louis Brier Home and Hospital is an incredibly rewarding experience.But do not take our word for it – here are some of the things our volunteers have said about their experience:

“Seniors can be great mentors to us; we can learn a lot from their experience. They are deeply knowledgeable and like to tell their stories to others.”

“I recently retired, and volunteering helps me stay involved in the community.”

“I knew that I was interested in studying nursing after high school; my volunteer experience has really confirmed my choice of a future career.”

If you have a skill or expertise that you would like to share, we are always looking for new volunteers. We value and respect the contributions of our volunteers and believe that with their ideas and involvement, the possibilities are endless.

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