Agartee Technology Pilot

In support of our vision to become a Centre of Excellence and continue to innovate, Louis Brier has teamed up with Agartee Technology. Agartee Technology Inc. is a Vancouver based company with a team of clinicians, data scientists, clinical researchers, and biomedical and software engineers working together to improve quality of life for people living with chronic diseases.

Agratee have designed a real-time monitoring solution for automatic symptom monitoring, triage, coaching, and reporting using connected smart devices. They have spent several years developing their solution, with a specific focus on chronic diseases, particularly respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD, as well as senior care, and primarily work with health care providers.

Using smart, internet-connected devices and behavioral science, combined with digital/human coaching, Agartee has helped 1000s of seniors to adhere to their medication, be more active, sleep easier, and manage their weight.

Louis Brier Home and Hospital has collaborated with Agartee to pilot SMART devices to assist with early identification, timely intervention, and enhanced collection of data ready for analysis.

Using a variety of Agartee SMART devices, we have been able to:

  1. Track movement & patterns of residents:
    • Identify changes in level (falls)
    • With increased movement (by virtue of possible agitation) – indication of possible pain
    • Location Monitoring inside the building
  2. Assess quality of sleep – enhanced sleeping log:
    •Number of times residents woke up during the night
    • Poor sleep can contribute to increased falls, agitation and responsive behaviours
  3. Streamline the collection of Vital signs (Respiratory Rate, Oxygen level, Pulse, BP, Temp, Sugar level, Weight) to be able to auto populate in PCC (this will happen in stages)
  4. Provide all the information in a simple to use dashboard.
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