A Letter from Laura Johnson


First, I need to say my mom always wanted to live in your care home after her fall, and going home wasn’t an option, but she went to another until COVID-19 restrictions allowed her to move.

Even though she struggled some days, she also made the most of her limitations and limitations in the home.

My mom, as you know, could advocate well for herself and knew how she and others should be treated.

My mom often told me staff and others often made kind gestures and went out of their way to do kind things for her.

She also was pretty good at letting people know when she felt frustrated and for that, I admire her advocacy, courage, and strength. She left an impression and taught everyone who she met or worked with her.

I know my mom wanted you all to have the sanctuary picture to hang up,

for this was her home, and you were an extended part of her family.

I always felt welcomed and everyone knew my name and my mom’s which also made it a home.

I thank you all for your work and time, and genuine respect and kindness.

I am glad to know my mom passed in her room with the pictures on the walls and familiar faces.

I will deeply miss my mom but I know even though it was hard for her to live with her disabilities and health, it also was a safe place to be and I know she was resilient and persevered with your support.

I hope to visit again, you all will be missed.

Again, I’m sending hugs.

Love, Laura Johnson (Marge Johnson’s Daughter)

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