Origami Mobile Installation – 2nd Floor

If you get a moment, please drop by the 2nd floor to see a beautiful origami mobile that has just been installed! 

The beautiful and colourful origami flowers and cranes were donated by Beth Israel Synagogue Rabbi, Adam Stein.  Rabbi Stein, a long-time friend of the Louis Brier has been creating the Japanese paper-folding art of origami for many years, recently donated  three bags of flowers and cranes that he has made as a gift to the residents of the LB.

While Rabbi Stein has created many different animals and shapes with origami, he chose flowers and cranes as his gift to the LB.  The crane, a symbol of honour and loyalty and peace has been treasured by the Japanese for thousands of years and is a theme in many famous works of art.

Charlotte Vogt, a trained art therapist and member of the recreation team, created this beautiful mobile /installation to display the origami, and, which allows for the origami cranes and flowers to move gently in the breeze created by residents and others passing through the space.

We hope that you enjoy this lovely gift from Rabbi Stein and the beauty of the installation that Charlotte put together.

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