COVID-19 Vaccine

You have likely heard by now that we had a COVID-19 vaccination event at LBHH on Sunday, January 3rd, where the first dose was administered to our residents, staff, companions and essential visitors. We had quite a few external individuals on site from VCH and Public Health, including public health nurses and public health physicians. The public health physicians included the Deputy Provincial Health Officer (the assistant to Dr. Bonny Henry) Dr. Reka Gustavson, and The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patricia Daly.

We received feedback that the entire public health and VCH team was extremely impressed with LBHH, and overall that the experience here was extremely positive, well organized and very smooth.

Here are the numbers based on our own tracking. This is total of offsite and onsite clinics. The official roster has not yet been received from VCH for our Jan 3rd clinic.

To date, a total of 522 people have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This total number includes offsite and onsite clinics.

• Residents = 208
• Staff = 227
• Companions = 51
• Essential Visitors = 31
• Medical Staff = 5

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