Updated on January 13, 2021.

*Our volunteer program is on hold at this time.

What you need to know about COVID-19

Wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and stay home when you’re sick.

Reported signs and symptoms include: fever, coughing, and/or difficulty breathing.

Experiencing symptoms:
If you think you have the symptoms of COVID-19, please stay at home and call 8-1-1. If you think you have the symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. Patients with mild respiratory symptoms (including cold symptoms) should not be tested. COVID-19 presents as a mild illness in the majority of patients. Seek medical assessment if respiratory symptoms worsen.

Travelling outside of Canada:
The Government of B.C. recommends against all non-essential travel outside of Canada, including to the United States. Anyone who chooses to travel outside of Canada will be asked to stay away from work or school for 14 days upon their return.

Health questions:
If you have health concerns, call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1. Please be patient as they are experiencing high call volumes.

Source: VCH

Louis Brier COVID-19 Updates


LBHH&WR Correspondence


COVID-19 Update – January 11, 2021
A Year in Review – Dec 31, 2020
You received an e-card from Louis Brier Home and Hospital – Dec 31, 2020
COVID-19 Vaccination – Dec 29, 2020
CKNW 980 – The Sunday Night Health Show – Dec 28, 2020
Vancouver Coastal Health Community Partner Update – Dec 23, 2020
Vancouver Coastal Health Community Partner Update – Dec 17, 2020
Vancouver Coastal Health Daily COVID-19 Update – Dec 14, 2020
Vancouver Coastal Health Daily COVID-19 Update – Dec 10, 2020
Vancouver Coastal Health Daily COVID-19 Update – Dec 2, 2020
Leading a Long Term Care Facility through the Covid-19 Crisis – Dec 2, 2020
Ministry of Health – Policy Direction Letter – Dec 1, 2020
Family Visitation – Nov 27, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19 Outbreak Declared Over in Louis Brier – Nov 27, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Access and Parking Restrictions to Louis Brier Main Entrance – Nov 16, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19 Update LBHH and WR – Nov 13, 2020
EXCITING NEWS: LiveAssist Check-in Assistant at LBHH – Nov 6, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19 Update LBHH and WR – Nov 6, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19 Update – Nov 3, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19 Testing for ALL employees, companions and essential visitors – Nov 1, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Visitation and Essential Visitors COVID-19 Outbreak LBHH – Oct 28, 2020
IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19 Outbreak Louis Brier Home and Hospital – Oct 27, 2020
COVID-19 Outbreak in Weinberg-MLC Declared Over – Oct 21, 2020
COVID-19 UPDATE: Weinberg MLC Outbreak – October 15
IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19 Weinberg Residence – October 9
COVID-19 Communication Update – September 16
COVID-19 Preparedness Updates – August 13
Statement from CEO – Re: CTV News Report
Outside Visitation – July 15
Message from the CEO – July 2
Dr. Bonnie Henry’s Announcement – June 30
Message from the CEO – June 11
Message from the CEO – May 29
Message from the CEO – May 21
Visitation at LBHH and WR – May 20
COVID-19 Preparedness Updates – May 15
COVID-19 Preparedness Updates – May 6
COVID-19 Preparedness Updates – April 29
Virtual Visits – April 24
COVID-19 Preparedness Updates – April 20
COVID-19 Preparedness Updates – April 9
Extraordinary Times – March 25
Extraordinary Times – March 24


A thank-you letter from your local MLA
Dr. Tosefsky – Letter to the Louis Brier Community
No Visitors.pdf
Mandatory Self Screening.pdf


RESIDENT VIDEO: Episode 7 – Honouring a Special Group of LBHH Residents
RESIDENT VIDEO: Episode 6 – O Canada
RESIDENT VIDEO: Episode 5 – Jewish Life at the LBHH
RESIDENT VIDEO: Episode 4 – Can’t Stop the Feeling
RESIDENT VIDEO: Episode 3 – A Day in the Life at LBHH
RESIDENT VIDEO: Episode 2 – We Are Happy


Family Council – Social Media iPAD request.pdf
Family as Volunteers – Restriction
Window Visits- staying connected when visitation is restricted.pdf
ILI Outbreak and COVID-19 Preparedness Updates
Skype Keeping You Connected
UPDATE: COVID-19 Order of the Medical Health Officer Class Order #1 and Class Order #2
Visitors Restriction – Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities (Effective March 17)
LBHH&WR Employee Responsibilities: COVID-19 Prevention – March 16
CORRECTED: COVID-19 Outbreak in Inglewood Care Centre – March 16
HIGH IMPORTANCE! COVID-19 Outbreak in Inglewood Care Centre – March 14
LBHH&WR Employee Responsibilities: COVID-19 Prevention – March 13
IMPORTANT: COVID-19 Update as of March 9
Feeling ill? Stay away from care homes and hospitals, seniors advocate says
Update: Mask Supply Shortage – March 3
IMPORTANT: Coronavirus Update – March 2
IMPORTANT: Mask Supply Shortage – February 24
IMPORTANT: Resident Safety Reminder – February 18
IMPORTANT: Coronavirus Update – February 14
IMPORTANT: Coronavirus Update – February 13
Useful Websites for Coronavirus Updates – February 7
Novel Coronavirus Update – January 28

VCH Resources

VCH Daily COVID-19 Update Sep 9th.pdf
VCH Daily COVID-19 Update Sep 3rd.pdf
VCH Daily COVID-19 Update Aug 31st.pdf
VCH Daily COVID-19 Update Aug 27th.pdf
VCH Daily COVID-19 Update Aug 21st – FINAL.pdf
COVID-19_Safe to Work-VCH.pdf
Guidance on Physical Distancing in LTC-AL.pdf
Class Order #1 COVID-19.pdf
Class Order #2 COVID-19.pdf
VCH Coastal – Long-term care home_visitor talking points_March 17 2020.pdf
MS 1040 12 March 2020 – CCFL COVID-19 letter to LTC.PDF
Coronavirus letter Jan 28 2020 – Final.pdf

BCCDC Resources

BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

Other Resources

THANK YOU! Healthcare Services Group Salutes our Everyday Heroes!
BC Care Providers Association – COVID-19 Update: Information on the 14-day self-isolation policy for health-care workers
COVID-19_Recommendations (EN).pdf
oneVCH COVID-19 Bulletin

Stressed About Covid-19? Here’s what can help:


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The Week Begins – March23.pdf
Quality Life for the Aged – March21.pdf
Reflecting on what we have – March19.pdf
Thriving Through Adversity – March18.pdf


FSEAP – Weekly Update June 1st to 5th
FSEAP – Building Your Anxiety Skills
CMHA BC’s COVID-19 mental health support:
Care for Caregivers:
FSEAP – Positivity, Strength and Resilience during COVID-19
Care for Caregivers launched by SafeCare BC and CMHA BC
Kristin Lothman: Mindfulness & Meditation – COVID-19 – Meditation Example
A Mindful Approach to COVID-19