Overview of Louis Brier

STRATEGIC PLAN (2019 - 2023)

In the fall of 2018, Louis Brier Home and Hospital & Weinberg Residence embarked on a process to develop a new strategic plan for the organization. We acquired the services of a consultant who specialized in this field, to assist us with drafting this new plan.

To ensure that we were successful in creating a meaningful and sustainable strategic plan, we felt that it was important that we listen to and consider the feedback of others, including our residents, families, employees and our key external stakeholders and partners. We conducted a considerable number of interviews with internal and external stakeholders to accumulate feedback on Louis Brier as an organization, to see how it could function as a partner with others in the community to better suit the needs of our residents and families.

In November 2018, the Senior Leadership Team collaborated with the Board of Directors of Louis Brier to undergo an intense two-day planning workshop facilitated by our external consultant to develop the new strategic plan, which they were successful in completing.

On May 23, 2019, the Senior Leadership Team announced the newly revised strategic plan for Louis Brier Home & Hospital and Weinberg Residence to its employees, residents, families, and stakeholders. The strategic plan comprises of six strategic priority areas, to coincide with the six points on the Magen David, and each area identifies its own specific goals, objectives and indicators.

A strategic plan cannot move an organization into the future if it is not being utilized, updated, or revised when needed. Therefore, in February 2021, the Senior Leadership Team, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, met virtually to review and update the goals and objectives of the 2019-2023 strategic plan. The Senior Leadership and Board of Directions felt it was crucial to formally revisit and evaluate the strategic plan to measure the organization’s progress toward its established goals, and to place the organizations core values and goals in each employee’s mind’s eye once again ensuring they are aligned with our strategic priorities.

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