Louis Brier Home and Hospital will be building a Simulation Lab on site, with construction expected to start at the end of the year.

A simulation lab is designed to provide immersive learning experiences for healthcare practitioners and students. Healthcare simulation is a marriage of healthcare and technology, by continually updating, changing, and finding new pathways for innovation and bridging healthcare concepts with technology and simulation education.

The simulation lab will provide a learning environment where staff and students can engage in simulation practice before they interact with residents. Evidence supports the combination of simulation labs and clinical practice provides the optimal learning experience and better resident outcomes.

Equipment in the lab replicates the clinical experience, the simulation centre is equipped with resident beds, mannequins, large LED screens and a centrally located station complete with a computer, speakers, and HD cameras to observe and record procedures. Staff and educators then use the debriefing room in which they watch recorded simulations, review resident outcomes, and discuss their simulation experience. The equipment they use for practice is authentic, the experience is real, and this gives them an opportunity to practice in a controlled environment. A simulation lab for a long-term care home is a first for Vancouver and the lower mainland. This will support best practice at LBHH&WR.

This has all been made possible by a contribution from Marquise Hospitality, and a very generous donation from the Diamond Foundation. The Diamond Foundation has long played a pivotal and prominent role in Vancouver philanthropy. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for people in the community, and it donates to organizations throughout the Greater Vancouver area, including schools, hospitals, and numerous Jewish organizations. The foundation seeks investments in organizations and issues that strengthen Jewish community life throughout the city and its environs.


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