Hair Salon

There are two hair salons on site that are staffed regularly so that you can choose the hairdresser that best meets your needs and style. In addition, a barber also makes a monthly appearance at Louis Brier.

Gift Shop

Information to come.


The library is located on the Main Floor, where residents are welcome to check out our selection of reading materials. Adjacent to the library area is the Fireside and Homeside Lounges where residents can enjoy a comfortable seating area to read.

Business Office

Residents may open a personal needs account to pay for miscellaneous items or services purchased from the facility or some of its service providers. This eliminates the need to carry cash or keep money in your room.


We are blessed to have our own in-house synagogue which provides a place to celebrate weekly Shabbat and all holiday services.

Gardens and Outdoor Space

Louis Brier boasts two beautiful gardens on its grounds, the Shalom Garden and Special Care Unit Garden (often called the ‘Secret Garden’). There is also an outdoor patio area located on the second floor.


We offer a variety of recreational and therapeutic activities to meet the diverse needs of our residents.

This includes specialized fitness programming, art, and music therapy, as well as activities to engage the mind and maintain social interactions.

Our social activities include:

  • Fitness Programs
  • Musical Events and Concerts
  • Bingo
  • Card games and board games
  • Group games (bocce, horse races, etc.)
  • Ice Cream Float
  • Annual Summer BBQ
  • Baking
  • Virtual Pet Therapy
  • Gardening
  • Arts and Crafts
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