Clinical & Interdisciplinary Services


Our goal at the Louis Brier Home & Hospital is nothing short of excellence in geriatric nursing care.

We have set incredibly high standards of care and work hard to create a community of continuous learning and skill development. Our nurses and nursing staff provide clinical health care around the clock.

We are fortunate at Louis Brier to have staff who are not only deeply committed to being excellent gerontological nurses and nursing care aides, but who are also personally committed to caring, loving and nurturing our residents. This personal investment can be seen in the quality of daily care at Louis Brier, our staff’s receptiveness to resident and family concerns and a general spirit of perseverance and commitment. Developing a relationship with your primary care nurse ensures consistent, compassionate care and helps you make informed decisions about your health.

An eye for continual improvement

We are strongly committed to ensuring our nurses and nursing staff have access to solid ongoing nursing education, current research, and professional counsel to support the achievement of professional standards. We are constantly asking ourselves the same question: “How can we provide even better care for our residents?”

Our nursing educators provide monthly nursing practice and education meetings centred on best practices, innovative research in the field and preventative measures. Additional education is provided by our medical director, Vancouver Coastal Health initiatives and other healthcare experts.

As a teaching facility, Louis Brier regularly hosts students from accredited nursing schools. This helps us consistently keep on top of current best practices.

Additional Nursing Services

  • Foot Care
  • Dental Services
  • Eye Clinic
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