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In May 2018, Louis Brier Home and Hospital underwent a rigorous evaluation process as part of Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum program, and were successful in achieving Accreditation with Exemplary Standing status.

Accreditation Canada is an independent, not- for-profit organization that sets standards for quality and safety in health care and accredits health organizations in Canada and around the world. Following a comprehensive self-assessment, trained surveyors from accredited health organizations conducted an on-site survey to evaluate the organization’s performance against Accreditation Canada’s standards of excellence.

The 2018 Accreditation survey reviewed five standards: Governance, Leadership, Infection Control, Medication Management and Long Term Care service, and were successful in meeting 100% of the 511 criteria that were assessed. By undergoing the rigorous Accreditation review process, Louis Brier made significant improvements and changes, and continues to improve to provide safe and high quality health services to residents.

In October 2022, Louis Brier will undergo the same process again with the goal of maintaining this status.

In February 2021, Louis Brier Home and Hospital and Weinberg Residence was awarded the 2020 Canadian Non-profit Employer of Choice Award.

The news was announced through a Special Announcement Presentation at LBHH and WR and streamed live via zoom. “It really is each and every one of us – employees, companions, physicians, foundation, board members, residents and families that make Louis Brier Home and Hospital and Weinberg Residence the workplace it is today.” said Loren Tisdelle, Director, Human Resources at LBHH and WR. “This accomplishment is especially remarkable considering the unprecedented events of 2019 and 2020. Despite adversity and
the challenges of Covid-19, especially in our healthcare sector, we remained focused and resilient and continued to work on creating an Employer of Choice workplace. There is something truly special about working at Louis Brier Home and Hospital and Weinberg Residence.”

To celebrate the occasion, all employees received a brand NEW #LouisBrierLIFE lanyard and Employer of Choice pin as a small token of appreciation for their contribution to this significant achievement.

In January 2022, Louis Brier Home and Hospital and Weinberg Residence was awarded the 2021 Canadian Non-profit Employer of Choice Award for the second consecutive year!

According to Hilborn Charity eNews together with partner CCEOC Inc., “Louis Brier successfully completed the NEOC Organizational Profile and Employee Commitment Survey achieving a minimum overall score of 75% to qualify for the award.”

In a quest to create “decent workplaces” thought leaders are debunking the myth that employees in the nonprofit sector are willing (and should be expected) to work in exchange for the opportunity to “do good.”

“Today, talented people can find a socially meaningful career outside a traditional nonprofit organization, which intensifies the competition for qualified staff. Nonprofit employers of choice generally do a better job of attracting and retaining talent due to: superior HR management; strong organizational cultures; clarity around job expectations; and relevant training and career development.”

In March 2021, we were thrilled and humbled to learn that Louis Brier Home and Hospital had been awarded one of the top three prizes for “Best Seniors Residence” in Vancouver for 2021. The annual Stars of Vancouver Reader’s Choice Awards is all about recognizing and honoring the best in business, service, entertainment and city offerings as voted by its readers.
We know it is no small achievement especially with everything that has happened in the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic and all the change and disruption it has brought to our lives. Many businesses and facilities have struggled and so we are especially thankful to all of you for your confidence in our abilities and commitment to caring for your loved ones.

In March 2022, we were thrilled and humbled to learn that Louis Brier Home and Hospital had been awarded First Place in the “Best Seniors Residence” Award  in Vancouver for the Stars of Vancouver 2022.

The annual Stars of Vancouver Reader’s Choice Awards is organized by VancouverIsAwesome. Their annual Stars of Vancouver Readers’ Choice Awards gives their readers the chance to vote for their favourite services, products, and people that Vancouver has to offer. They get to recognize and celebrate the businesses that showcase excellence across the city.

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