As a part of our efforts to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence and leaders in eldercare, Louis Brier Home and Hospital has been committed to fostering its relationships in the academic community. In 2019, we established solid relationships with UBC School of Nursing and School of Medicine and since then have collaborated with a range of other universities and colleges across British Columbia to give students an opportunity to practice and build their clinical, research, and educational skills in an environment that provides the highest quality of care.

At Louis Brier, we see the student placement program as a great recruitment opportunity; we see our students are potential future employees. We have hired several Care Aides in 2021 from these placements.

Students take their first steps on a learning journey in a classroom, but can only consolidate that learning when applied in the clinical setting. We at Louis Brier know the value of practicum experience to consolidate theoretical and applicable skills to feel truly prepared to enter the workforce.  

As a teaching facility, we recognize the invaluable experience that practicums and placements have, and our staff, having all been students themselves, are all motivated partners to support and encourage excellence in students. 




A placement, rotation or internship in your chosen area of study provides the experiential learning to facilitate professional development and build confidence by getting to try the job before taking a paid position in your profession. There is no replacement for the hands-on, real world practice a placement provides, a safe and protected learning environment where students learn alongside and from their future professional peers and their classmates. 
Successful practicums and placements also contribute to better preparing students for their job search and interview preparedness, by allowing the student to truly understand the demands and scope of the role. 


Louis Brier Home & Hospital is a proud supporter of student placements, internships and rotations, championing student success in the areas of nursing, health care aide, music, recreational and art therapy, social work, massage therapy among others.  
Louis Brier Home & Hospital has an active partnership with UBC School of Nursing, Simon Fraser University, Langara College, Vancouver Community College, Steinberg College, CDI, and Sprott Community College, and is open to partnering with more institutions.


We are a 215 bed Long Term Care facility, not for profit partnered with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, a proudly faith-based organization, rooted in the Jewish faith tradition. Louis Brier Home & Hospital values healthy work life balance and has won  Canada’s Non-Profit Employer of Choice for 2021 and 2020. 
We are located in central Vancouver in the Oakridge neighborhood, easy to reach by transit, and near to bile route. We have plenty of available parking, and bike storage.  We regularly have food trucks that cater to residents, staff and visitors, with a wide range of options from Mexican to Lebanese.
Our staff placement team are there to support you in your placement, and you will have access to them if you have questions or concerns through your practicum. Louis Brier Home & Hospital has a strong education and training mandate to support staff professional development, kept up to date on most relevant and evidence based practice, which positively impacts student learning.
Life as a learner can be overwhelming. The Employee and Family Assistance Program (FSEAP Services) are available as part of Louis Brier Home & Hospital’s commitment topromotinge wellness. For more information on FSEAP’s Services and resources, visit the FSEAP Website.
“Louis Brier has been hosting student placements from Langara College from our Bachelor of Science Nursing Program since 2016.  As a member of our local community, Louis Brier has continued to support our student clinical placements in other programs, such as Nursing Practice in Canada and the Health Care Assistant Program that started in 2021. The staff at Louis Brier have been a pleasure to work with, and our students have had positive experiences in their clinical practice placements working in various areas of residential care.” – Langara Instructor
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