Clinical & Interdisciplinary Services


Spirituality is an important part of each resident’s well-being. At Louis Brier Home & Hospital, spiritual care is part of the interdisciplinary approach to the health of each resident. Highlighting this approach is the presence of the Chaplain, available every day to provide spiritual support for residents and families. This support is available to those of any religious affiliation, as well as those who have no religious affiliation. As a full and contributing part of the interdisciplinary care team, the Chaplain provides a visible presence that recognizes, and advocates for the human need for acceptance, hope, love and faith. The goal is always to affirm the dignity and value of each individual and seek to enable every resident to find meaning and joy in life, improve their quality of life, and cope with end of life in concert with each person’s faith tradition.

Upon admission to Louis Brier, the Chaplain is available to residents and families to discuss any spiritual support and/or religious needs the resident may have. This can take many different formats, from offering individual counseling, guidance, and prayer to simply seeing to it that a resident is able to attend the appropriate services here at Louis Brier. The chaplain meets with residents on an individual basis, holds Inter-faith services which enables prayer independent of any one religious tradition, and holds discussions on secular and religious topics in ethics and culture.
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