Preceptorship is a period to support newly qualified nurses to make the transition from student to develop their practice further. A Preceptor is a qualified and experienced practitioner whose role is to support the new nurse.

In line with our goal to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence by providing creative and innovative services and developing relationships with academic institutions and our funding partners, Louis Brier establish a preceptorship and mentorship program which launched its first Preceptor Foundational Workshop in January 2019.

The goal of the program is to help the preceptors develop competencies in teaching new staff or students as they prepare for becoming a professional and transition in their new role.

The preceptors are a significant resource in the organization to preceptor students, mentor new hires and coach existing staff. Preceptorship and mentoring are two ways of using role modelling to support the learning and professional growth. There have been challenges throughout the year with trying and promote the overall quality of practice environments.

As with any organization that begin to compete for diminishing resources, there is a need to explore and implement practices known to increase job satisfaction. Specifically, a preceptorship program has been found to benefit preceptees, preceptors, and the organization.

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