Every day we use a variety of products which end up in regular garbage bins and ultimately, the landfill. This garbage disposal process is not ideal and does not support Vancouver’s Zero Waste 2040 plan. Louis Brier decided to act by organizing their very own green team, the “Green Guardians”, who aim to improve the disposal of products and explore options for more earth friendly products where possible at LBHH.

The team have accomplished a significant number of quality improvement projects, one of which was the “Go Green” initiative. The initiative launched in January 2020 and focused on improving our recycling capabilities and minimizing garbage disposals in our building. Color-coded recycling receptacles were installed throughout the building which clearly display instructions on what products should be recycled, and where.

The Green Guardians even travelled offsite to take a tour of Urban Impact’s recycling plant in New Westminster to gain some insight and knowledge into the recycling process, to help with educating employees on how to recycle as much as possible, to minimize the garbage and waste for pick-up.

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