Our Companion Program was created in 2002 by the families of Louis Brier residents who wanted their loved ones to have additional care and companionship beyond what is provided and funded through the Ministry of Health.

Companions are not regulated healthcare providers and as such, can not provide care services. They supplement the care that is provided by our care staff, but do not replace it. Our companions are carefully selected, complete a comprehensive orientation process, and are offered a range of educational endeavors to help them support residents and families in optimizing the quality of life of the residents at Louis Brier Home and Hospital and Weinberg Residence.

The range of services and companion involvement is quite diverse and can include any or all the following activities:

  • Social companionship
  • Accompaniment on outings and personal appointments
  • Personal meal assistance
  • Additional showers and/or baths
  • Additional personal assistance
  • Additional exercise assistance
  • Light housekeeping

Companions are independent contractors who are paid by the family; however, all administrative and management processes are done by the Companion Program Coordinator onsite at Louis Brier. The coordinator is responsible for the companion selection process, interviewing and on-boarding, orientation, scheduling, and education of all companions. In some cases, the coordinator also coordinates the compensation and is the liaison between the family and the companion, especially when family members reside outside of the city or province.

The added value of companions is insurmountable and while our care staff are dedicated to provide quality safe care, our funding and resource limitations may not always consider opportunities for caring and service delivery that is not directly tied to health outcomes. We recognize that while being physically well, psychosocial, spiritual, and mental well being is as equally important. Our companions play a significant role in meeting those needs and keeping our residents achieve the quality of life that they desire.

For more information, or to arrange companion services, please contact our Companion Coordinator:
Myla Carpio-Pelayo
Tel: (604)267-4688

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