Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation Gift Announcement from Diamond Foundation

It is with much excitement and deep gratitude, that the Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation announces an important grant from the Diamond Foundation. As our most important funding partner, they too understand the demand and complex needs of our senior population today within the healthcare system, and share with us the value and responsibility of caring worthily for our most vulnerable.

After an impactful and memorable visit to the Louis Brier Home and Hospital, the Diamond Foundation together with the senior leadership of the Home and the Brier Foundation, identified some key areas of need to be addressed immediately, all which resulted from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A generous gift of $450,000 has been granted towards facility upgrades which can meet infection control criteria for the Louis Brier Home and Hospital in an effort to keep our residents, families, and staff safe.

This grant will greatly impact our residents in so many ways:

Wheelchair AccessibilityEngagement vs Isolation
Proper Mobility of ResidentsAbility to Host Family or Visitors in Their Own “Residencies”
Better Sense of BelongingPrivacy

The yearly requirements from the Louis Brier Home and Hospital continue to increase. This year’s annual funding request to our Brier Foundation exceeded $1.4 Million, which allows for a full-time infection control and quality and risk practitioner, medical equipment, music, art, physio, rehab and occupational therapy, amongst other critical resources.

Yet, additional funding needs arise throughout the year, and further requests are made to us outside of our yearly allocation. It is only thanks to our generous donors like the Diamond Foundation, that we are able to attend to the additional needs above and beyond those basic needs which are publicly funded.

We, the Louis Brier Foundation cherish our present donors, people who have taken to heart, the needs of the generation that came before us. And we will continue to work diligently, together with your help, to provide for those individuals who most need the Brier.

On behalf of the residents, staff, families and volunteers of the Louis Brier Home and Hospital, and the Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation, we would like to express our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the entire Diamond Foundation and its board of directors. 

Thank you! Todah Raba! Chag Sameach!

Ayelet Cohen Weil
Executive Director
Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation

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