Do Not Disturb. Nurses on Medication Round Tabard

Distractions and interruptions are a known and accepted part of a nurse’s job. Inevitably information is needed and communicated continuously in the organization. The need for continuous transmission of information between nurses and other health care providers, residents and families is part of the job description; however, hampered communication also poses significant safety risks during certain nursing tasks.

Medication administration was the most interrupted nursing activity identified in the literature and accounted for 29% of all work interruptions. Interruptions occur in 53% of all medication administrations. Interruptions innately are part of every nurse’s daily routine. However, nurses must have professional diligence during the medication administration process to ensure resident safety. When due diligence is missing, errors happen.

Nurses will now be wearing a Do Not Disturb. Nurses on Medication Round Tabard as a visual tool to limit distractions especially in high medication times (AM Shift: 0700-1000 & 1100-1200; PM Shift: 1600-1800 & 1900-2000).

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