COVID-19 Outbreak Declared Over at Louis Brier and Weinberg Residence – February 9, 2022

Dear Residents and Families,
We are pleased to inform you that the Medical Health Officer has officially declared the outbreak over at the Louis Brier Home & Hospital and Weinberg Residence.

At this time, only essential visitors and single designated visitors are permitted to enter the facilities. All visitors must enter through the Louis Brier main entrance and are required to pass the COVID-19 screening, show proof that they are fully vaccinated, and undergo COVID-19 rapid antigen test prior to entry. Frequent and regular visitors are not required to undergo rapid antigen test more than three times a week.

If you have not identified ONE designated visitor, please do so by emailing for both Louis Brier Home and Hospital and Weinberg Residence. If you are not on the list as either essential or single designated visitor, you will be denied entry.

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