Changes to PPE Requirements – July 23

In alignment with BC’s Restart Plan, the Ministry of Health has advised the following changes to the PPE guidelines, effective immediately:

1. Proof of COVID-19 Immunization will be verified upon screening at the Louis Brier main entrance. Examples of proof are an original, a copy, or a photo of  any of the following :

  • One-Write immunization record (usually yellow copy)
  • Card – Immunization Record
  • Health Gateway immunization record (see attached poster on how to register).


  • If fully immunized against COVID-19 (14 days after receiving the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine), they will NOT be required to wear a mask or eye protection throughout the facility, unless clinically indicated for individuals on precautions; when there is a risk of contamination due to splashing of body fluids; required based on their point-of-care risk assessment or to protect against the normal hazards in their regular work. However, they can still opt to wear a medical mask if they choose to. 
  • Staff or companion who are not confirmed to be fully immunized will continue to be required to wear a medical mask while in the facility. They will no longer be required to wear eye protection unless clinically indicated and deemed necessary based on point-of-care risk assessment.
  • During an outbreak at the facility or if a regional communicable disease transmission levels are determined to be a risk, the MHO has the authority to implement mandatory mask use in specific health authority or region. 

3. STUDENTS / CONTRACTORS / SERVICE PROVIDERS / VOLUNTEERS – regardless of immunization status, they will be required to wear a medical mask but not eye protection.

4. VISITORS (Essential and Social) – this has been communicated to families last July 19, 2021

  • All visitors, including those who are fully immunized, will be required to wear a medical mask while moving through the facility, but are not required to wear a mask while in direct contact with the resident they are visiting.
  • Visitors who do not have proof of immunization or choose not to provide it, will be required to wear a medical mask during their entire visit, including when in direct contact with the resident they are visiting. 

The screeners will be given a copy of the staff and companions immunization tracker that I have created from the dates of immunization that you submitted to me. This can also be used to verify your immunization status, should you fail to present a proof.  

Please continue to be diligent with hand hygiene and practice respiratory etiquette to prevent the spread of infection.

We are expecting more changes to the guidelines which we will share with you as we receive them from VCH or the Ministry. 

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