PointClickCare Launch

It’s a NEW BEGINNING for Louis Brier Home and Hospital. Over the last few (many) months the team has worked extremely hard to prepare our organization and bring it to this point. As of August 5th, we will be one of a very few selected organizations to have almost a fully executed and implemented Electronic Health/Medical Record (HER/EMR).

If you wonder what this means for all of us, well some of the most important elements to consider is the fact that going forward, the work of each and everyone one of our care provider’s will be documented, counted, and considered. Every care provider will have access to hand held devices, which allow for real time documentation, communication, and exchange of information. The outcome is of course enhanced team work and interprofessional collaboration, enhanced communication, and above all enhanced resident safety.

Not only is Louis Brier making a significant leap in how care, communication, and work will be delivered, but this makes our organization cutting edge, with the ability to provide innovative, creative, and outstanding care, each time every time.

On behalf of the leadership team, we thank everyone involved for your commitment, dedication, and attention to the delivery of quality safe care.

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