Long-term care accommodations at the Louis Brier Home & Hospital


All of our Intermediate Care rooms (the “Home” on the first floor) are private and include a private bathroom with sink and toilet. Our extended care rooms (the “Hospital” on the second floor) are a mix of private and semi-private, each room with its own private bathroom with sink and toilet. There are shower and bath facilities on each floor.


Every room is furnished with a bed, night table, small chest of drawers and closet. We encourage you to bring your own familiar items to your room, and to decorate your room to your own individual taste.


Access to cable television and telephone is available in each room. We’ve negotiated competitive plans with cable and telephone providers, and we’re happy to pass these cost savings down to you. Please inquire about these rates in our business office.


Our Housekeeping Department ensures that your home is clean, safe and comfortable. A housekeeper will visit your room daily to make the bed, clean floors, sanitize the bathroom, remove garbage and do light dusting. Your towels and bed linens are washed and changed weekly. Our housekeepers also maintain the cleanliness and comfort of our common areas.