Resident & Family Centred Care

At the Louis Brier Home & Hospital we view residents and family members as integral parts of the care team. We know that when families and residents are actively involved in care, this leads to better health outcomes, higher resident and family satisfaction, and greater staff morale.

We encourage residents and families to be involved in all aspects of care, including partnering in care planning, participating in a committee (please see below), involvement in resident and family councils, and providing feedback.

Care conferences are held annually for all of our residents. The care conference is attended by the interdisciplinary care team and is an opportunity to discuss the care plan, identify areas that may require updating or change, and to address any concerns that residents and families may have. For more information about care conferences please contact Debbie Litvack at (604-267-4744) or

Becoming Involved:

Family Night

The Louis Brier hosts a family night biannually for our residents and their families. Our next family night is scheduled for _____

Resident & Family Councils

Louis Brier has active resident and family councils. These councils provide a forum for advocacy, peer support, and education. For information about how to be involved in these councils please contact:

Resident Council – Debbie Litvack (social worker) –

For Family Council – Seemah Berson (Chair of the Welcome Committee) – or Tamara Guner –

Committee Membership

Louis Brier maintains a numbers of committee that are involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of our services. We invite resident and family representation on these committee as their input is essential to the work being carried out . The following committees are seeking family and resident participants:

Resident Safety Committee

Ethics Committee

Utilization Management Committee

Policies & Procedures Committee

Social Committee

Infection Control Committee

Share Your Story:

Care 2 Share

Through our Care 2 Share campaign, we encourage families and residents to share their experiences of care at Louis Brier. For more information about the Care 2 Share campaign please click here