Neighborhood Model: Resident Centered Medical Neighborhood


To: Residents, Families, Staff and Physicians
From: David Keselman, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Merrick Tosefsky, Medical Coordinator
Date: 13 January, 2020
Subject: Neighborhood Model: Resident Centered Medical Neighborhood

Happy New Year! As we continue to align our delivery of care to our Mission, Vision and Values, it was identified through various discussions with residents, families, and staff that a change to our traditional medical delivery model of care was needed. With that in mind, and in keeping with the principles of Person and Family Centered Care, we would like to introduce the enhanced Physician Neighborhood Model.

In our quest to enhance the delivery of quality care to our residents, we hope that the new physician neighborhood will be significant in strengthening the relationships between physicians, residents, families, and staff, by encouraging the flow of information, enhance timelines and responsiveness with regards to health concerns, and enrich/streamline collaboration across the healthcare team.

A physician neighborhood delivery of care model is based on a primary provider (physicians/NP) and staff work together in partnership to provide complete and coordinated care. The physician neighborhood approach will focus on promoting a streamlined approach, enabling availability of clinical information to support quality and continuity of care, in a manner that is consistent with best practices, standards of care, and resident and family expectations. Unlike our traditional medical model of care, the new Physician Neighborhood Model is based on the principles of the Person and Family Centred Care philosophy, and the Louis Brier Home and Hospital Vision, Mission, and Values. This model will continue to rely on the multidisciplinary team’s collaboration, responsibility, and accountability, which are the corner stones for delivering quality safe care.

Effective January 23rd, each nursing unit will be assigned a primary provider who will assume care of all the residents on that unit. While we anticipate some growing pains, we hope that the benefits of the new model will outweigh any inconveniences. We hope that the physicians/NP will take time to build relationships and rapport with their new panel of residents and the team during the transition period. Our staff are here to support the transition and the new model of care.

As we roll out this new model of care delivery, we ask for your participation, open mindedness, and support. As with any new initiatives, some bumps are to be expected. We are committed to the success of this initiative and are confident in its ability to further enhance the quality and safety of the care we deliver to our residents here at LBHH.


David Keselman, CEO
Louis Brier Home and Hospital & Weinberg Residence