We are thrilled to announce that the ‘Mask, Revelation, Selfhood’ film is now complete!

We shared the trailer of this film with you earlier this year. A reminder of the project: Residents here at Louis Brier have been working since August 2018 to craft stunning masks, generate creative narratives, and participate in original dances inspired by the process with Expressive Arts Therapist Calla Power, and choreographer Lee Kwidzinski. The project has been documented throughout by filmmaker Jay Fox. This person-centered project explores themes of personhood, creative expression, and surprises! Our goal was to have the film competed by the holiday of Purim in 2019, as the seed ideas were inspired by Purim masks and the contemplation of revelation and concealment that the holiday celebrates.

Did you enjoy the film?

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Please download the form, fill it out, then scan and email it back to Calla Power for review. Her email is callapower@hotmail.com.


Thanks to the support of Louis Brier, and a Louis Brier Foundation Donation by the Estates of Frank and Rosie Nelson, Calla Power (Expressive Arts Therapist) and Ginger Lerner (Recreation Therapist) were able to pursue a project that explored themes of personhood, creative expression, and surprises! The project involved 3 ‘phases’, each one resident centered and involving a number of Louis Brier residents with different motivations and backgrounds:

(1) The artistic creation of masks (by residents), facilitated by Calla. Each mask was given a name, traits and history.

(2) The creative group of participants have now been invited to join Calla for several sessions of drama and improvisation, to further explore the emergent themes.

(3) Professional dancers (led by Lee Kwidzinski) have visited Louis Brier to work with residents and devise a dance piece inspired by the participants and their masks and stories, and will perform this in February at Louis Brier.

The whole process was documented with care and artistry by film-maker Jay Fox. The project is a fantastic example of transformation and honoring individual expression – as each participant had the chance to freely explore their creative narratives. It is also a great example of how Jewish themes and ideas can be made meaningful for a population of participants which includes people of many backgrounds (not only Jewish).

For more information please contact Ginger Lerner at glerner@louisbrier.com or Calla Power at callapower@hotmail.com