Chaplaincy at the Louis Brier Home & Hospital

The role of our chaplain is to provide for your spiritual needs and those of your family as you face what can be a challenging stage of life. Chaplaincy can take many different forms, from individual counselling and guidance, to schmoozing over a cup of coffee, to simply seeing to it that you’re able to access the appropriate services here at Louis Brier.

Our chaplain is an integral part of our interdisciplinary care team, providing a visible presence that recognizes and advocates for the universal human need for acceptance, hope, love and faith.

Spiritual support is available to everyone at Louis Brier, irrespective of religious affiliation. Spiritual support may also be accompanied by different modalities including music, recreation, social work and other visiting professionals.



We are pleased to inform you that Rob Menes has joined our organization as the new Chaplain.

Rob has worked as the Executive Director at the Congregation Beth Shalom, in Pittsburg, PA for the last four years, and prior to that as a Cantor for 15 years at the Temple Beth Shalom in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Congregation Beth Shalom, Overland Park, Kansas.

His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics/Mathematics, Masters Degree in Agricultural Engineering, and Master of Sacred Music, Hazzanut from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Prior to residing in the United States, Rob lived in Vancouver for over 20 years.

Please join us in welcoming Rob to the organization.

Contact information
Hazzan Rob Menes, Chaplain
Tel: +1 (604) 267-4661
Fax: +1 (604) 266-8712