*A message from IAG – International Arts Gallery*

As we witness the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the vulnerable senior communities, we feel the crisis might be challenging as another flu season is drawing near, and we need to act and help where it is most needed – the senior homes in the City.

Though our contribution is small we hope this Exhibition can help to create an echo from the community for more donations and resources for these long term care facilities so the senior residence and front line healthcare workers are better and safely protected. Please join us in our effort bringing these wonderful art pieces home or visit the Exhibition with any sum of donation.

Clouds Gone, Sky Turns Blue

Date of Exhibition: 19 Sept (Sat) to 9 Oct (Fri) 2020

Time of Exhibition: Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 5 pm

Opening Ceremony: 2:00 pm 19 Sept (Sat) 2020 (Virtual Ceremony with Gallery Opened)

Closing and Donation Cheques Presentation: 2:00 pm 9 Oct (Fri) 2020

* Social distancing and public hygiene will be observed at exhibition venue

Exhibiting Artists (In Alphabetical Order): Yasuo ARAKI  / Alice BOTTRILL / Tinyan CHAN / Coral Ye CHEN / Guixiang CHEN / Chung Yin CHOW / Shilin FU / Monica GEWURZ  / Hangjian GUO / Kana GUO / Bin HE / Jun HU / Betty HUNG / Joyce KAMIKURA / Clement KWAN / Jong Kook KIM / Wayne LAW / Jeannie LEE / Haiping LEE / Winifred LEE / Andy LOU / Donna LUI / Andrew MCDERMOTT / Huan MENG / Peter MENG / Susannah PARANICH / Kenson SETO / Wen Yan XU / June YUN / Wan Li ZHANG / Ruihe ZHONG / Herman ZHENG

Venue: 555 Howe Street, Ground Floor, Vancouver

All Gallery Proceeds and Selected Artists Proceeds Will Be Donated to Support Charity Organization: Louis Brier Home & Hospital / Columbus Residence Abbeyfield Houses of Vancouver

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