Resident Care and Services


Our housekeeping department is an integral part of the Louis Brier Home and Hospital. We are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic upkeep of the resident’s rooms, offices, dining rooms and common areas.

To ensure a clean and safe environment, we adhere to infection prevention and control practices and industry standards when performing our tasks. Our goal is to prevent infections throughout the facility.


We provide in-house pick up and delivery laundry service for residents with a turn-around period of 24 hours. We launder linens, towels and bed coverings, as well as the facility’s curtains and other supplies. Delicate fabrics and personal items that require special handling and care, such as dry cleaning and ironing, are the responsibility of the resident or designate. Labelling service of clothing is also provided to prevent any loss.

At Louis Brier, we respect and support residents’ independence by providing two non-commercial washers and dryers should a resident or designate choose to do their own laundry.

For assistance please contact:

Melissa Tadeson
Housekeeping & Laundry Manager
604-261-9376 extn. 4228

Building Services

  • Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the entire facility. Also responsible for liaising with external contractors to ensure regular maintenance and inspections are carried out on equipment, machinery and services).
  • Responsible for in-house maintenance, i.e. painting, repair of equipment, furniture setup for events, etc.