Food Services

Nutrition & food services at Louis Brier

We provide traditional, well-balanced meals and snacks daily, utilizing a six-week menu created by a registered dietitian. We operate our kitchen and serve food in accordance with the laws of kashruth (Jewish dietary laws), and we’re proud to have a Mashgiach on staff.

As a resident, you’re invited to our monthly Food Committee meeting, where you’re welcome to give feedback on meals, submit your own recipes and even help plan special event meals, such as for holidays, theme days and summer barbeques.

For details on dining amenities at Louis Brier, including information about guests, please visit our Dining page.

Nutrition Counseling

Our clinical dietitians are on hand to provide counseling with respect to your dietary needs. Your likes and dislikes are respected, and we serve modified or therapeutic diets as required. If you have problems with chewing or swallowing, several texture modifications allow you to continue enjoying your favourite foods at Louis Brier. Our goal is to help maintain your quality of life and promote good nutritional health through foods that are both appealing and appropriate to your needs.


We are a kosher facility, certified through Kosher Check (formerly BC Kosher). In accordance with kashruth observance, we do not mix dairy and meat in the same meal, and we have two separate kitchens with separate cooking utensils and dishes for meal preparation.


Our weekly menu rotates on a six-week cycle. Take a look at some of our sample salads, entrées and desserts:

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